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Review for The House Before Falling Into The Sea by Ann Suk Wang

Anna Suk Wang has captured the hope and hopelessness of refugees fleeing war. And to have it based on the true story of Wang’s grandparents and mother during the Korean War is breathtaking. Sirens blare and people come to young Kyung’s house. Her parents welcome the strangers into their home and the next day more come, and more come until the house is over- crowded, because theirs is the last house before falling into the sea.

War is scary for anyone, but for a child, it’s mind-boggling and fills them with fear. Kyung finds a friend in one of the refugee’s daughters and together they hide in the underground shelters when danger is near and toss pebbles into the sea when all is clear. Hanna Cha’s vibrant watercolor illustrations interpret Wang’s words perfectly.

Historical information explains the Korean terms found within the book. An excellent book for home libraries and most specifically for classrooms. Can be used as a resource for social studies curriculum development and teaching a valuable lesson of kindness. Highly recommended.







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Sadly, this story about refugees is being repeated worldwide. From our southern border, to Palestine children are having to live through terrible situations. Hopefully this story will allow families to understand and relate to the suffering. Perhaps understanding can help our children's generation to stop repeating the mistakes.

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