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About Me 

I grew up in Scranton, PA, where I entertained my two sisters and all the kids on the block. Storytelling, talent shows and tea parties were everyday activities. Sometimes, after a storm, I led them on jungle safaris through a giant mud puddle beneath overgrown weeds, other times we danced pretend ballet in the backyard, dressed in crinolines. I loved to read and when I wasn’t organizing the neighborhood in some type of fantastical activity I was lost in the fantasy world of books. I knew then I was born to use my imagination to take kids on adventures. 



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A career as an occupational educator, training prospective Nursery School and Elementary teachers, I passed on my creativity, teaching my students how to inspire their future pupils with imagination. I’ve been known to turn my Pre-K classroom into a pirate ship, a medieval castle and a life-size Jumanji board.




My years of teaching account for the three genres of Children’s Literature I write; Picture Books, MG, and YA novels. Many of my former students can be found among the pages of my books.


As a child, I made up stories and acted them out for my two sisters and the neighborhood kids. As an adult, I make up stories for kids around the world and hopefully they’ll find themselves mesmerized in my fantasies.

Montserrat, B.W.I.
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Milford, PA. 
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