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A retelling of The Pied Piper set in a dystopian future, where a streetwise orphan uses her hypnotic voice to sing rats to their death in a toxic river and save the children of a dying city, run by an immoral mayor and cursed by a deadly sun. YA

When Perdy Rogers dons boys clothing to help a friend elope, she becomes trapped in a web of deceit and spies. One friend dead, deserted by another, and accused of treason, Perdy risks more than her freedom as a new nation struggles to be born in Colonial Philadelphia. MG

 When a beggar girl in the streets of Parsa discovers the royal prince is returning to the city, she wishes to be his wife, but her wish gets twisted and she must think fast to save both her sister and herself, so she relies on a mysterious genie in the dented, old lamp. YA

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Children love Christmas and Santa. Together the combination can’t be beat! Put Santa on a concert stage, give him Mick Jagger’s sunglasses, Steven Tyler’s scarf, and a rowdy, rockin’ reindeer band and you’ve got the makings of a fun Christmas story that puts a whole new spin on what happens on Christmas Eve. ROCK STAR SANTAPB

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Written in rhyme, DADDY, CAN YOU SEE THE MOON? is about the special moments a young boy and his deployed dad share by looking at the moon, until the father comes home a wounded warrior and the boy realizes that love was what kept them connected all along. - PB

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From a frog who thinks he's Sleeping Beauty to a rapping fairy godmother who sends Cinderella to a Hip-Hop ball, to a boy who waits beneath a bridge to trick trolls, ONCE UPON A TWISTED TALE is a rollicking, rhyme-filled poetry collection of 'fractured fairytales.' - PB

Curriculum Guide for Once Upon a Twisted Tale

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