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Interview with Little Zadie Witch

Since Little Zadie’s picture book was just released, July 1, 2023, I thought it would be fun to interview her about her story.

Hi everyone. My name is Gayle C. Krause, and this is Little Zadie.

Zadie smiles and waves. “Hi!”

Zadie, I’m sure my readers would like to know more about you and ZADIE and the WITCH’s TEA.

Could you tell us something about yourself?

“Well, I have two older sisters, Zale, and Zilda.

They’re not very nice, especially to me. They always pick on me. And they never talk… They yell. ‘Find my dress.’ ‘Fix my hair.’ ‘Clean the cottage.’

“That’s too bad. How do you deal with such mean sisters?”

Zadie shrugs. “Mostly, I try to ignore them. I spend most of my time in the woods with the animals, pretending to be an elegant witch at The Grand Witch’s Tea.

But sometimes, my sisters are

just in my face. They’re so obnoxious. I don’t know which one is worse. Zilda always bragging about her fantastic spells, or Zale, carrying on about her perfect potions.”

So why didn’t they want you to attend the Grand Witch’s Tea? The invitation was addressed to all of you.”

They say I’m untried. Unskilled. A snip of a witch. But they misjudge my magic. Just because I’m not like them, doesn’t mean I don’t have magic.”

“Were you surprised when your Hairy, Fairy Godspider granted your wish?”

“Oh, yes. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she appeared from the thatched roof with her four sparkling red heels and four twinkling magic wands.

And the crown on her head was pretty. She must have been a royal spider before she became my Godspider.”

“What did you think of the gown she summoned for you?”

“Oh, it was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

I couldn’t believe it was for me. I especially loved the delicate spiderweb skirt and the fluffy feathers on my fancy witch hat.”

“What was your first thought when you entered the haunted mansion on Halloween night?”

“It was so elegant. All the witches were dressed in gorgeous, ghoulish gowns, with cobweb capes or batty wing crowns.

“With all those witches in attendance, did you know which one was the Grand Witch?”

“Nope!” Zadie shakes her head. “There were so many witches in the ballroom. Some were young. Some were old, but nobody was my age.”

“So, what made you rearrange the boo-fae table? Surely, the Grand Witch would have spooktacular servants to tend to the Halloween treats.”

Zadie shrugs.

“I guess because I’m used to straightening things and picking up after Zilda and Zale. I just. Did it.”

“And what made you brew bubble tea? Isn’t that something only children like?”

“It’s my favorite, with black tapioca balls floating in the tea. I added some I-scream to make it sweet, and I guess The Grand Witch liked it too.”

“So, how did you feel when she asked you to be her assistant?”

“Proud and happy. I learned never to doubt myself, no matter what my sisters say. Boy, they got a surprise, didn’t they? I guess they’ll never learn that kindness is stronger than magic.”

“That sounds like a lovely message, and it’s needed so much in today’s world. Could you tell us where to purchase your wonderful story?”


“Well, thank you for stopping by Zadie. Do you have any other stories to share with us?

“I don’t know.” Zadie wrinkles her nose. I might. I’ll have to see what the Grand Witch thinks.”


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Sharing breakfast with Zadie this morning, brewing up some English Breakfast tea. She has the right idea spending time outdoors. I often enjoy my tea with the cardinals and squirrels in my yard. We all could use a little kindness and sharing. It's the true magic that makes the world bright and happy. Weave your spells, Zadie!


What a cute idea! I love reading about this from Zaide's own words. I don't need to be entered into the drawing since I have a few copies of the book already. :)

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